Even if you will be enjoying a peaceful stay in Erchie, I think that you will want to take some short expeditions along the coast. I suggest that you take the opportunity to visit at least a few of the nearby celebrated places like Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Capri, Pompeii, Paestum.

For your benefit I’m going to say something about the coastal road.

The Amalfi Coast is blessed with a unique geographical scenery. Along the coast you will see rock outcrops and deep ravines interspersed here and there with mountainous towers of rock and natural cavernous amphitheatres. The road along these majestic cliffs is carved into the rock and in places is very narrow and quite high above the sea. It remains substantially as it was constructed in the first half of the 1800’s by King Ferdinando di Borbone, when horse and cart were the main mode of transportation. Even if you are using a car, I suggest that, during your stay, you take a bus ride along the coast from Erchie to Positano. Sitting on a bus, on a road high above the blue sea, that hooked and corkscrewed on the edge of nothing you will live an unforgettable experience. Just make sure to take a seat on the sea side of the bus.
Amalfi CoastBetween these mountainous outcrops and steep ravines lies villages and houses, attached like limpets to the side of hills between terraces of lemon groves and lines of olive trees. The houses are located above and below the road and because of the narrowness of the roads there is very little car parking available … and if you find any you will discover that they are very expensive ( for example, 3 euro per hour in Amalfi). While in Erchie it is convenient to use SITA buses but you should be aware that, in the high season, buses could be crowded. There are SITA connections every half hour to Amalfi, Positano, Ravello to one direction and to Vietri, Salerno to the other. Bus tickets can be bought in Cetara at check-in(ask Francesco).

From the harbour of Amalfi, ferries, hydrofoils, and mini-cruises leave night and day to places along the coast, the islands of Capri and Ischia, Positano, Salerno, Sorrento, and Naples.

A peculiar feature of the coastal towns is that the streets are mainly a sequence of steps carved into the rock face. These steps on the walkways are often old and precarious, built variously of concrete or stone. So if you want to explore the ancient town-streets I suggest you take care with your choice of shoes. Also consider suitable clothes (covered shoulders and knees) for visiting churches.