Flavors and aromas of the Amalfi Coast

Eating well on the Amalfi Coast is easy. Home of some Michelin starred restaurants, this 50km stretch of coastline boasts some gourmet restaurants and many family-run places where to enjoy good, honest, home cooking. Whether you decide to treat yourself savoring the creations of some famous chefs, or a leisurely lunch in one of the Amalfi Coast’s casual, sea edge restaurants, you can expect some of the finest Mediterranean cuisine you’ll ever eat.

The culinary
delights of Amalfi Coast include fresh fish, delicious pasta and pizza, soft
cheeses and irresistible pastries:

Fish: the sea on your plate.

Some of the
world’s finest fish cuisine are here on the coast.

redfish, pezzogne, squid, bream, sea urchins, octopus, blue fish, mollusks, are
the protagonists of unforgettable recipes such as “scialatielli ai frutti
di mare”, a dish made with sea food and the fresh pasta typical of the
Amalfi Coast, “totani e patate”, baked squid with potatoes, “pezzogne all’acqua
pazza”, local fish of the snapper family
boiled in water with herbs.

Not to miss
Cetara’s extraordinary “colatura di alici”.

The humble,
yet divine, anchovy, is used to make, a modern version of the ancient Roman
“garum”. In the fishing village of Cetara, anchovy heads and entrails
are removed and the remainder is placed, between layers of salt, in wooden
casks. After a few months pressure is applied on top of the cask and the liquid that drops at the bottom is
filtered and put into glass jars. The result is a concentration of the sea,
just a few drops of which are sufficient to transform the most simple of pasta
dishes in an explosion of flavor.

Lemon: fruit the color of the sun

Lemons are
as much part of the landscapes of the Amalfi Coast as the precipitous, cliff
edge terraces, or “gardens”, as they are called here, on which they
grow supported by chestnut wood poles, and shaded by traditional “frasche”
which protect the precious fruits from the natural elements.

These magnificent
golden fruits are used in any number of local recipes, from the world famous
digestivo “limoncello” and delicious “delizia al limone” to lesser known
delicacies such as ricotta filled ravioli sprinkled with grated lemon peel and “mozzarella”
or “smoked provola” cooked between lemon leaves.

The cheeses of Monte Lattari

The Monti
Lattari form the backbone of the Amalfi Coast. The mountains were given their
name by the ancient Romans because of the large number of cows and goats reared
in the area that produced ample quantities of excellent milk “latte”.

This is the
upper side of the Amalfi Coast, where a number of small, family-run dairies,
located mainly in Agerola and Tramonti, continue the areas cheese making
tradition. The ricotta, fiordilatte and provola cheeses produced in the
mountain towns are laced with the scent of herbs. Cheese lovers will want to
taste the Provolone del Monaco, also called “mantello” or coat, because of its
shape, which is similar to that of the coat used by the dairymen to protect
them from the cold whilst transporting their wares to Naples. Not to miss is
also “la mozzarella di bufala” produced in ‘Piana del Sele” just south of

Cakes and desserts.

These are
some of the pastries that you “must” taste while on the Amalfi coast: delizia
al limone, sfogliatelle S.Rosa, babà, torta di grano, zeppole di S.Giuseppe,
aragostelle and hazelnut cake filled with ricotta and pears.